Posted on March 25, 2015

7 Favorite Kitchen Designs

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I love light and airy kitchens, especially those with large windows, a lot of prep space and a kitchen island.  Lately, I’ve been contemplating what to do with our kitchen; whether to give it a full makeover or just a small update.  We’re tossing up the idea of selling our home but moving is such a pain.  The idea of packing up all of our things, moving them, and then unpacking them again makes my head ache.  Actually, it’s more of a throbbing pain.  I know myself well enough to predict there will be a major renovation with a new a home.  A home should be much more than a beautiful exterior, it should reflect the inhabitants personality.  The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s where most of us spend our time together as a family and the majority of conversations take place here.  It’s important to make them warm and inviting for family and friends.  Today, I’m sharing 7 of my favorite kitchen designs and what makes them beautiful.

This kitchen is perfect!  The size, vaulted celing and the endless counter space.  I love the idea of cooking herbs within arm’s reach and growing in planters in the kitchen.  It gives the perfect pop of color, especially during drab winter months.

Favorite Kitchen Designs

Not only do wood beams add visual interest but they bring the eyes up, making the space appear larger.  The marble tiles on the wall and range hood are beautiful!

Favorite Kitchen Designs

I’m a big fan of Calacatta gold marble countertops although I typically find they are not a good fit for most families, mine included.  However, there are beautiful alternatives on the market and can be just as amazing!

Favorite Kitchen Designs

I would love to have this range and hood in my kitchen.  I’m in love with the cabinetry and the pop of blue gives just the perfect touch of color.

Favorite Kitchen Designs

This French style kitchen is beautiful.  The tall glass cabinets are perfect for displaying a lovely collection of wine and champagne glasses.

Favorite Kitchen Designs

Another kitchen with wood beams adding warmth and a rustic feel, while the crisp white cabinetry keeps it airy and light.


Subway tiles are a design classic that will stand the test of time and blend seamlessly into any design style – contemporary, modern or transitional.  Hands down, marble is my favorite.  They are the focal point in this otherwise simple kitchen.

Favorite Kitchen Designs

Which kitchen is your favorite?



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