Posted on March 23, 2015

Beauty Inspiration | Best Spring Hairstyles

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Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your locks and try a new style for spring.  Here is a summary of the best trends to help you choose  your best hairstyle for spring.

Cara Delevingne can rock any look but her signature long, tousled layers are a favorite of the British model.  Few styles are sexier than beach, bed-head hair.


The season’s best styles begin with a center part.  The slimming, modern style works on any length or style.


I’m not a fan of the candy colored hair trend for the over 21 crowd.  However, Sienna Miller’s new rose gold hairstyle proves a hint of color can be sophisticated.  


The bob is being updated for summer with a wavy, carefree texture.  Ashley Olsen always does wavy well but her wavy bob is just as sexy as the longer version seen on Cara and Giselle.


Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco are among the list of celebs who have chopped off their long locks for a pixie cut.  The pixie was made famous by model Twiggy and actress Mia Farrow in the 1960’s.


Blunt bangs are edgy, cool and back this season.  Whether your hair is sleek or wavy, there is a fringe for you.


Marilyn Monroe was the original platinum blonde.  Although it looks fabulous, especially in spring and summer, the covetable colour is a lot of upkeep and can be damaging to hair so proceed with caution.


From high and sleep to low and tousled, long ponytails are seen on the runways at Fashion Week, red carpets and celebrity weddings.  It’s one of the easiest styles and I must admit, it’s my go-to when I’m short on time and out with the kids.



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