Posted on May 19, 2015

Design Inspiration | Monochrome Interiors

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A monochrome palette embraces all the neutral tones between the opposite spectrum of one colour.  The colours are limited but introduced as several hues.  The most common monochrome theme is black and white with.  The colour scheme is timeless and sophisticated and is used to create stunning compositions and designs.

The most important thing to remember is that monochrome is all about materials.  The simplistic approach to colour can make a space appear stark and flat, therefore, it’s important to have plenty of interest created by texture and detail.


I love the boldness of stark contrasts and experimenting with the interplay between light and dark.


A monochrome environment becomes more interesting when you play with scale.


Kelly Hoppen is known for her monochromatic, luxurious and minimalist aesthetic.


The simple colour palette is warmed up with natural wood to keep it from being too stark.


I love this bedroom.  The linen bed and layered textiles soften and create a relaxed space.





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