Holiday Inspiration: Thanksgiving Entertaining

I woke up to frigid temperatures this morning.  I am not ready for winter, however, I am thinking and planning for Thanksgiving.  Do you like to create a beautiful and memorable Thanksgiving for your guests?  Each year I host and have designed a checklist that keeps me organzied without feeling overwhelmed.  
wonderful...I want Thanksgiving here instead!

1.  Choose a theme.  This can be anything from French, Italian, rustic, etc.  I like to change things up from year to year.

Slow-Cooked Duck with Green Olives and Herbes de Provence
2.  The turkey or ham always take center stage ~ When trying a new recipe, I give it a test run a couple of months prior.  I choose 5 star recipes so I’m pretty certain it will be a winner, however, there are also old favourites to choose from as well.

10 Thanksgiving Sides to be Thankful For |Home.Made.Interest.

3.  Sides ~ I like to have something for everyone – vegetarian, kids favourites, classics, and new recipes.  If I plan to have several sides, I sometimes order from Williams-Sonoma or Whole Foods.  I always get most of my ingredients from Williams-Sonoma, such as their chesnuts (which are phenominal!), stuffing, dessert starters, etc.

10 Best Thanksgiving Centerpieces | Camille Styles

4.  The centerpiece ~ Simplicity rules here.  As with most things, a little goes a long way.. especially with scents.  You don’t want to smell flowers instead of the wonderful dinner you’ve prepared.  I also prefer to keep the decor low, you want to be able to see the person sitting across from you.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Idea - DIY custom chalkboard place settings.
5.  The place settings ~ this depends on your theme.  I may use florals, cute tags, photos, etc.  Get the kids involved!  They love to help out and guests appreciate their effort and the keepsake they’ve created.

Activities at the children's table to keep the little guests occupied all night long #rustic #wedding #chic #kidstable #diywedding

6.  The kids table ~ I love this idea for the little ones.  It keeps them entertained while they patiently wait for dinner to be served.

7. The dessert table ~ Many guests can’t wait to get to the desserts.  I make the effort to make this presentation beautiful.  I set up a drink station here also.. champagne, coffee, etc {PS: this recipe is gluten and dairy free}

How do you celebrate?




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