Posted on February 26, 2016

8 Easy Steps to Refresh Your Home for Spring

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I think most of us are ready for warmer temps, sunshine, and blooming trees and flowers.  Much like your wardrobe, your home can use a spring update.  These 8 tips will help revitalize your home from winter hibernation.

 Infuse color with pillows and throws

8 steps to refresh 4

You can give your home frequent edits by changing pillow covers and throws with each season, making a big impact on a small budget.  Evenings can still be chilly during spring months but not enough for heavy throws, which makes organic textiles such as linen and cotton prints a perfect choice.

Refresh your bedding

8 steps to refresh 5

Transform your sanctuary with new bedding and linens.  Shedding heavy duvets in favor of crisp, lightweight fabrics will also give you an opportunity to give your mattresses a well deserved spring cleaning.

Update linens in the bath

8 steps to refresh 6

There is something very satisfying about tidying your linen closet and displaying new bath linens.

Bring the garden indoors

8 Steps to Refresh Your Home for Spring

One of the best ways to celebrate spring and revitalize your home is with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Infuse a punch of color with accessories

8 steps to refresh 7

Colorful accessories such as inexpensive vases and objets can add a lot of bang for your buck.  Replacing art in your frames requires more time but it makes for quite a statement!

New scent

8 steps to refresh 8

 Spring is full of beautiful fragrances – fresh air and the delicate aroma of blooming buds.  As the weather begins to warm up, you will want to lighten your indoor scents to mimic the freshness of the outdoors.

Dust and polish

8 steps to refresh 9

Dust collects in all the hidden corners of your home.  Take the time to go beyond the surface when on your spring-cleaning mission to reach into all of the places you don’t typically get during every day cleaning.

Don’t forget your outdoor space

8 Easy Steps to Refresh Your Home for Spring 3

Patios, decks and verandas are a natural extension to your home.  Style your outdoor space with accessories, cushions and lighting – although you’re outdoors, it doesn’t mean you can’t be cosy or on-trend.

How do you update your home for spring?



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