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Posted on February 17, 2016

Design Inspiration | A Stunning Paris Apartment by Jean-Louis Deniot

Design & Décor

Recently, I was talking about Jean-Louis Deniot with a fellow designer while flipping through his book, JeanLouis Deniot: Interiors.  One of things I appreciate most about his interiors is that they’re tailored to each client and the architecture of the home.  Deniot is considered the master of French interiors and is one of the leading interior designers on the design scene today.  The Paris-based designer is known for his interiors that brilliantly combine history with contemporary flourishes, mixing patterns, textures and pieces from different periods with masterful elegance, and a thoughtful attention to detail.  Deniot has worked on projects across the globe and has established a large international following since he started his firm in 2000. Read more

Posted on February 16, 2015

My Favorite Interior Design Books

Design & Décor

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend!  I spent mine with the people I love most in the world.  I began the day with my best girl at our favorite local French bakery for breakfast and left with macarons, meringues and madeleine’s, spent time with my boys, and topped off the evening with a handsome man, an exquisite dinner and pink champagne.  What more can a girl ask for?  The temps are frigid and we received a few inches of snow overnight and more is on the way.  A perfect day to take a book of the shelf, make a warm cup of tea and settle in with three French Bulldogs for a afternoon of reading.  As you probably know, I love books.  Love.  I own enough interior design books to stock a public library, some are old favorites and some are new books that I have picked up on a whim or have anxiously awaited their arrival through the post.  Nothing gets my pulse beating faster than a design book with with beautiful photographs.  I especially love those that incorporate a mix of antiques {Jean-Louis Deniot,} color {Campion Platt}, and history {Deniot again, Scalamandre, and Mid-Century Modern}.  Each have bits of wisdom and inspiration and I find myself going back to them time and again.  The books are in no particular order…

Best Interior Design Books
Read more
Posted on June 4, 2014

Style Inspiration ~ Modern Parisian Apartments

Design & Décor

When I think of Parisian apartments, traditional Louis style furniture, gilded mirrors, and crystal chandeliers come to mind; however, I am quite smitten with the juxtaposition of classic architecture and modern furnishings.
This apartment designed and owned by my favourite Parisian decorator, Jean-Louis Deniot, was inspired by “Light, Rhythm and Harmony.”  The elegant color palette of grey, ochre, silver, and gold is combined with a mix of traditional and modern touches.
This glamorous and modern Parisian pied-à-terre is located in the heart of Paris’ Left Bank district of Saint-Germain.  Bright and loaded with texture and intricate details, it consists of a sweeping color palette of black, white, and gold designed by decorator François Catroux.
Visually stunning, this rustic chic flat exudes the warmth of wood cabinetry with the sophistication of carrara marble.  The centered floor to ceiling window gives the space balance.
The modern furnishings, original molding, and chevron floors are a charming mix that give this early 19th century apartment an updated sophistication.
20th Century pieces offset the linear paneling and parquet flooring in this circa 1860’s 7th arrondissement apartment.  Donning it’s original ornamentation that was hidden under plywood and 150 years of dirt, this elegant apartment was left vacant since 1963 until it was restored after it caught it’s owner’s eye in 2008.
Images via here, hereherehere, and here
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Posted on September 26, 2013

A Left Bank Parisian Pied-à-Terre

Design & Décor
One of my favourite designers, Jean-Louis Deniot, designed a pied-à-terre in Paris’ Saint-Germian (another favourite) for a New York couple.  Deniot decorates with so many antiques and architectural details that the History of Cultural Environments course (my favourite class in college!) comes in handy while looking at photos of his interiors.
An antique Bessarabian rug inspired the color scheme of the living room.  Featured is a 19th-century glittering Italian chandelier with 17th- and 18th-century European portraits.  The cocktail table is designed by Deniot.
An antique Venus de Milo is perched on the Régence marble mantel.
Drapery made from Romo velvet lines the entry hall.
A grouping of 18th-century engravings hangs on Studio Printworks wallpaper in the gallery.
I love the 1940s Carlhian armchair that sits below the antique portraits. Deniot adorned both spaces with neoclassical-style architectural details.
I’m also in love with this 19th-century French pedestal table!
The bed in the master suite is highlighted by an 18th-century corona, Louis XV bench, and an 1880’s Italian chandelier.  The Louis bench is absolutely stunning!
Deniot decorated the master bath with framed butterfly specimens from Deyrolle and the curtains are made of a Pierre Frey’s (one of my favourite fabric lines) satin.
This is my dream home in Paris!  I wonder if Mr. Deniot needs a design assistant?
xoxo, B

source via here.

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Posted on July 15, 2013

Designer Crush ~ Jean-Louis Deniot

Design & Décor
Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  The weather was beautiful here and we enjoyed much outdoor time.
Paris-based interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot’s work is amazing.  There are very few designers that I find their interiors, all of them, to be flawless but his I do.  I remember the first time I saw one of his designs, it was love at first sight.
Preferring to mix styles from various eras, he claims he aspires his work to be “eclectic chic as well as serene.”  The classically trained Deniot describes the use of vintage and antique pieces as “super important to have that element in design”, claiming they give more personality than mass-produced pieces.  I completely agree!
The dining set gives this space the personality he was referring to, wouldn’t you agree?
This is hands down, without a doubt, one of my favourite top five interiors.  The intricate moldings, the grey, cream, and black colour palette, and the coffered ceiling.  How fantastic are the lamps and cocktail table?  I also love how the rug mirrors the ceiling.  I have seen this duo used in his designs before.  Perfection.
Pierre Frey wall upholstery ~ another favourite.
Not all of Deniot’s spaces are elaborate but they are rich in historic preservation.
My beloved Klismos chair (I wrote about one last week in this post).
The lighting, chevron flooring, and abstract art are my favourite elements in this space.
Deniot has an impeccable sense of balance and proportion paired with luxe and drama.  He gets it right every time.  The sunburst mirror is by Hervé Van der Straeten from Ralph Pucci International.
The glamorous kitchen is comprised of hammered silver cabinetry with marble countertops and flooring.  The brass light fixture is by Stilnovo and the sink by Franke.
I’ll stop here… otherwise, I could go on and on.  Deniot has a line of home furnishings that can be seen here.
Wishing you a fabulous week!
xoxo, B
photos via Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Pinterest, and Architectural Digest
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