Winter Beauty Essentials

With the colder weather moving in, I’m already noticing a change in my skin and hair so this week I visited one of my favourite beauty departments to pick up some beauty essentials that will take me through the winter.

No matter which season, this Clarisonic is a must for me.  I’ve written about it before but want to mention it again… I’m always singing it’s praises.  My skin has never looked better since using this product.  It removes every trace of make-up and the flaky skin caused by Retin-A, allowing products to penetrate deeper into the skin…. and the body attachment is phenomenal, however, not compatible with all models.

How cute it this one available here?  The full set, including body attachment here, Pedi set here.

One of the most important parts of the body to keep hydrated is the eye area.  The last thing we girls want is for this area to become dry and wrinkled.  I’ve been using YSL’s eye serum for awhile and really like it but I also like to switch up my products from time to time.  Another cream that I like to use, especially during the winter, is this one by Eve Lom.

Available here, also love this one, this one and this one.

I mentioned how dry my hair has been lately and the beauty advisor directed me to the Oribe products, which I’m already a fan, however, I’ve never used the masks before.  To no surprise, I fell in love, love, love with this product.  I left it in my hair all night and couldn’t believe how soft and moisturized it felt in the morning.

Available here, for color treated hair here… another good one here, and gift set here.

After falling in love with the Dilo oil, the said beauty advisor turned me on to this moisturizer also.  She gave me a sample to try and it is wonderful!  I’m reluctant to put too many products on my skin except for ones that are hydrating and moisturizing and this one fits the bill!

Available here, and the rep talked to me about this oxygen moisturizer which felt just as wonderful and claims to be a smaller version of their oxygen machine.

I think lips are one of the most susceptible body parts to becoming dry during cold weather.  Despite drinking 60 oz of water per day, my lips tend to become chapped on occasion.  I keep this in my handbag and apply it alone or prior to gloss and lip stick.

Available here, also love these brands also herehere, and here.

I stumbled upon this product and instantly became smitten with it.  I add it my body lotion, use it in or after a bubble bath, and apply it to my feet before applying creme and socks before bedtime.  It’s magical, and best of all, it’s not expensive.

Available here, creamy body wash here, and variety gift set here.

This cult favourite is in my handbag year round.. it’s perfect for dry cuticles.

Dior - Crème Abricot Fortifying Cream For Nails

Available here, other favourites here, and here.

What are some of your favourite winter beauty products?



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