Beautiful Inspiration ~ Denim & Crystals

Good morning!  I hope you had a perfect weekend.
As of late, have been adoring a lovely mix of denim and crystals. I can’t seem to stop pairing this dynamic duo.
I have collected vintage brooches for quite some time; however, these extraordinary pieces from J Crew have caught my eye and found their way to the top of my wishlist.
Pretty collage of blooms
A perfect collaboration with Lulu Frost
photos: unknown and J Crew
Last week, we learned our little Frenchie, Coco, has cataracts in both of her eyes.  While this is typical at an elderly age, Coco just turned four years last month.  Today, my oldest son and I are taking her to see a highly recommended ophthalmologist a couple of hours away.  All of her bloodwork has come back fine, thankfully, but her vet wants to rule out infection as the cause as this can lead to permanent vision loss.  Otherwise, she will have surgery and hopefully see clearly once again.  Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts…
Wishing you a most beautiful week!
xoxo, B


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