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Did you have a nice weekend?  It went by too quickly and I ate way too much candy.  Yesterday morning, my little guy {well, not too little since he is taller than me} told me that his knee was hurting.  When he pulled up his pant leg, I saw his knee was swollen so we spent the day visiting the Dr. and getting x-rays.  It’s nothing serious, a bruised tendon, but he received lots of TLC from Mom.

This is an amazing recipe I want to share.  I know what you’re thinking… the last thing you need after Halloween is more sweets, and I agree, after all I’m kicking up my work-out a notch this week, because a few of those Kit Kats, Dots, and Smarties found their way to me.  My kids know I love them and have always saved some for me.  Those darn kids!  Why are they so thoughtful?  This recipe, however, is worth the extra work-outs, missed meals, whatever you need to do to zip up your jeans tomorrow.  It’s like crack.  Seriously.

One of my favourite ingredients is Cassis.  I love the sweetness but I don’t particularly want a mouthful, just a small bite.  A favourite ingredient during this time of the year is Chestnut.. I add it to everything, and the marriage of these two is nothing less that spectacular.

Mont Blanc • Cassis


I, like the author, am not good at making these, however, that didn’t stop me.  The hardest part is piping the exterior – keeping the rings perfectly uniform and beautiful was a challenge but the fact that they weren’t did not take away from this in the least so don’t worry if yours are not perfect.  Besides, I’ve always felt imperfect is beautiful.

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pâte sucrée // which can be found here
almond cream
cassis (blackcurrant) confiture
chestnut mousse
chantilly cream
chestnut cream

Chestnut Mousse:
chestnut paste – 300g
butter (softened) – 120g
milk – 30g
dark rum – 18g
egg whites – 15g
sugar – 26g
water – 9g

Metric conversion calculator here

Combine the chestnut paste and softened butter in the bowl of the standing mixer and using a paddle attachment, mix on medium speed till pale and fluffy.
While the mixer is doing its work, combine the milk and rum together and heat it in the microwave till it is fairly warm, about 40C.
// Note: you do this to control the temperature when you mix the two different mixtures together. Because the butter is still quite cold, and if you add an extremely cold milk/rum mixture into it, the mixture will split. //
Whisk the milk mixture slowly into the whipped chestnut mixture, emulsifying it well after each addition till it is smooth and thick. Set aside at room temperature.
In a bowl of a standing mixer with a whisk attachment, place the egg whites.
Combine the sugar and water in a saucepan and heat till 121C. (be careful not to stir the mixture or it will crystallize)
When the temperature is at 115C, begin whisking your egg whites vigorously. You want the egg whites to be at least at white soft peaks before you add in the sugar syrup. (take extreme notice between the two. If the egg whites are not ready yet, simply reduce the heat source for the syrup. Controlling and monitoring is very important at this step)
Once the temperature is at 121C and your egg whites are whipped and at soft peaks, stream the sugar syrup in slow, letting it flow against the side of the bowl. Once all the syrup is in, lift the bowl slightly to allow the whisk attachment to combine the sugar syrup stuck at the bottom of the bowl.
Whip on medium-low speed till cool.
Using a spatula, fold the meringue into the chestnut mixture till smooth and fluffy.
Use immediately.

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Recipe via here

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