DIY || Mistletoe Kissing Ball

Each holiday season, I hang a mistletoe in our home.  They’re fun and always receive a positive response from family and friends.  I especially love a little DIY this time of year and mistletoe’s are fun to make.  You can use live {florists, nursery, some markets} or artificial mistletoe {hobby stores, online, florists}.  Caution: Mistletoe is poisonous.  Please use artificial if you have children or pets in your home.


Wire cutters
24-gauge wire


4 1/2-inch-diameter floral-foam ball 


Small silver, white, or pale-blue beads 


Cut a 16-inch piece of 24-gauge wire with wire cutters, and bend it in half. Cut a 36-inch length of ribbon with scissors and fold it into three loops. Make the top loop approximately 9 inches; it will be used to hang the ball. Make the next two loops 7 1/2 inches. There should be a 12-inch tail of ribbon left. Cut 6 inches off the tail, and lay it on the other side of the loops. Pinch all the loops together at the center, and secure with wire. Twist the wire tightly to form a single stem.  Trim the bow’s tails into a V with scissors.

Soak a 4 1/2-inch-diameter floral-foam ball in water while cutting mistletoe into about 100 three-inch sections, called tips. Insert the bow’s wire stem through the ball until it comes out the opposite side. Fold over the end of the wire stem. Poke tips into ball until it is covered. String small  silverwhite, or pale-blue beads on 6-inch 24-gauge wires, and twist the wire ends together. Stick the beads into the ball wherever desired.

Who will you be kissing under the mistletoe?



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