Favourite Summer Beauty Recipes

Exfoliation is essential to healthy, glowing skin and this easy to make Exfoliating Coconut and Salt Scrub is wonderful!  Why purchase scrubs when you can create and customize them yourself?  Not only does this scrub smell delicious, the coconut oil will hydrate and silken your skin to perfection.
6oz coconut oil, warmed to 76 degrees
1oz fractionated coconut oil
6oz fine Himalayan pink salt
4 ml Island Coconut fragrance oil
4 ml lime fragrance oil
In a large mixing bowl, add coconut oils and the next three ingredients.  Stir well until the coconut oil begins to cool and solidify.  Pour into an 8oz glass bail jar.  Sugar can be substituted for the salt as can any combination of fragrance oils.
Lemon and Cucumber Spa Water
Sometimes it can be challenging to consume the recommended daily amount of water necessary for beautiful and hydrated skin so I like to add various fruits and vegetables.  This lemon and cucumber water recipe is delicious and the antioxidants and vitamins are an added bonus!
 This simple recipe consists of 1 sliced organic cucumber, organic sprigs of mint and/or basil, and ½ sliced organic lemon.  Place ingredients in a glass pitcher and add water.  Allow to infuse for 2 hours before serving.  Any combination of fruits and vegetables can be used.
Spring Bouquet Popsicles
This recipe was shared on Facebook today.  Not only are they beautiful but wonderful on a hot day!
16 ounces Cold Water
1 ounce Orange Blossom Water
1 teaspoon Lemon Juice
1 full dropper of plain Stevia drops (Honey would be great too)
a handful of Organic Edible Flowers, rinsed and remove petals
Have pop molds handy and make sure you have room in your freezer. Combine water, orange blossom water and lemon juice. Sweeten to taste. Pour mixture into molds. Freeze without sticks and petals for about 1 hour. Remove from freezer and add flower petals. You can push them into the molds with the help of a pop stick. Make sure the flowers are scattered throughout the pops. Add sticks and freeze for 2-3 hours more until solid.
xoxo, B
Coconut and Salt recipe via here, photo via Pinterest, and Spring Bouquet Popsicle recipe via here.

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    Happy weekend mon ami! these are brilliant ideas and that is a serious grown-up Popsicle … thanks for always sharing amazing discoveries…Hugs, C. (HHL)

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    The spring bouquet popsicles are so fresh and pretty! Have a lovely day!
    best wishes

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