Interior Inspiration ~ Iconic Louis XVI Chair

They are a classic and have been reinvented more times than one can count.  The Louis XVI chair has become a staple in modern interiors and feels as relevant today as it did more than 200 years ago during the Neo-Classical period

The 18th century was considered the golden age of chairs.  This was especially true in France and England.  In France, furniture styles were named after the sovereign.

Several versions of this style develop, some with rectangular backs and some with oval; however, both share a common trait ~ rejecting the cabriole leg of its predecessor.  Taking inspiration from Greek and Roman influences, details include slender, fluted legs and classical ornament that is delicate and low relief. 

Popular motifs include columns, garlands, wreaths, cornucopias, rosettes, lyres, Greek mythology, and urns.

There are two prevailing styles:

Fauteuil chair, which has open arms
Bergere chair, which has closed arms

I’ve been told the oval back was designed to resemble the successful launch of the hot-air balloon by the french Montgolfier brothers.

The best example of a modern take on this iconic chair ~ Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck

Have fun and create a modern version

This elegant chair never goes out of style and will remain one of your best investments.

xoxo, B
photos 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 via Pinterest, 2 via here, 8 via here

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  • Reply Anya adores ☆ August 17, 2012 at 11:39 am

    I love these pictures, I have bought 2 of these old chairs on a flea market, and love the 2 last pictures – maybe I'll try that at home 🙂
    Happy weekend,

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